COVID-19, Part 1 of 3

April 4, 2020

So many stories I hear… Some say it is God’s will. Some say it is nature weeding overpopulation. Some say the Chinese government released that virus to help their economy and eliminate old people and chronically sick individuals.

It does not matter much what some say. We are here, now, and a pandemic is at play.

Our borders are closed. We are being told to stay home. To practice safe distancing.

Some of us are really good at it. We did not see our friends and family for three weeks now. If we are lucky and still have a job, we go, we work, we don’t touch each other, we wash our hands, wash our hands again, and use whatever disinfectant available.

Never before did we pay so much attention to what our President and Governors had to say. We follow the number of cases, the number of deaths. We hope the virus will pass and leave us alone.

Three weeks into the quarantine, I am getting tired of it.

I recall a presidential press conference during the weekend of March 21/22. A very upbeat President sharing the news that the cure may be in sight, that a huge amount of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine have been sent to New York and tests were to begin that following week.

What happened? Why don’t we have results yet? When did New York start treating patients with the drug? Did New York even start?

I hear talks of vaccine that may be available 18 months from now.

I do not care for a vaccine in the future. I may not be alive to get it then. If there is a drug that is effective today, I want it available now!

Why is it mostly Democratic Governors that are pushing back on testing the drug? Is it time for politics, even now, while people are dying? Is conceding that Trump, first big proponent of that drug, may be right for once too much for the Party?

Or are the pharmaceutical companies working hard to discredit a cheap drug as there is no money to be made from it?

Why do we have to deal with politicians and big pharma money while we are asked to stop living, start praying, and hope for the best? Why are people losing their jobs while there is talk of that simple drug being a potential preventive measure to catching this virus?

I am getting tired of not seeing the people I love. I almost miss the traffic jams going to work. It depresses me to see the restaurants and shops closed.

I want my life back. I want people to go back to work. I want to be free to choose if I want to try any drug, experimental or not, to help me fight this and any disease.

I want it to be over. We cannot go on this way much longer. And at the end of that day, if it is God’s will and I should meet him soon, then be it!

And I want to say, to all that mainstream media using medical reports from China to discourage us to get back to normal as soon as we can, to quit it.

I do not trust what China says. I do not trust what China does. Why should I trust Chinese reports on which drug may or may not be effective?

Could we now, please, get back to our lives? We got it. We know now how to stay away from each other. We will wear masks if we are told it helps. We will disinfect our desks. We will wear gloves.

Could you please, now, release real numbers on how many people were treated with whatever drug and the results? And if that drug happens to be cheap, no patents attached to it, no money to be made from it, still start manufacturing and distributing it?

Katrin L.

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