About me

I am a GrandMa.

For years, I kept on seeing articles and posts disparaging older people. I could not understand where the respect due to the older generations went.

I was raised by my whole family, and my grandparents were my teachers, my mentors, maybe even more parents than my parents were. Mom and Dad, after all, were working and were seen only in the evenings and weekends.

They taught me common sense. They taught me who to respect, and who to disregard. They were telling life stories and cautionary tales. They prepared me for adulthood. I am grateful to them, and will always respect, love and cherish them and their lessons.

Nowadays, it feels as grandparents are being told what to do, what to think, and how to act. Their advices and wisdom are disregarded at best, found ridiculous at worst. Why would younger generations believe that they know better than their forebears?

In a modern society where parents are too busy trying to be “friends” with their kids instead of parenting them, grandparents are more necessary than ever. And yet, where are they?

I started this site in hope of having other grandmothers eventually join in. I want my generation to still have a voice. We are not dead yet, why should we be so silent?

Until then, whatever little knowledge I gathered throughout the years, I am happy to share. Whatever opinions I may have, they are nothing but a starting point for discussion, or simple food for thought.

All comments are welcome and discussion is encouraged. Please note that a comment containing foul language will be rejected. An answer to a comment aiming to belittle or distress will also be rejected. I am a grandma after all, and I expect civility and good manners.

All the best,
Katrin L.