Old Wisdom Versus Today’s Science on Wound Healing

April 11, 2021

For years, I used a well-known antiseptic ointment to protect any little wounds. It seemed to work… somewhat.

A couple of years ago, I stupidly burned my arm taking a casserole out of the oven. It was a nasty third-degree burn.

It looked bad, but after cleaning and dressing it up with some ointment and gauze, I forgot about it. The beauty of a third-degree burn is that it does not hurt a bit. Lucky me in my misery.

A couple days later, the burn was infected. Still not hurting, but nasty pus was trapped under what looked like crusty bits of skin.

I washed the burn, applied more antiseptic, the pus would not bulge.

Day 4, I got worried. I developed a low-grade fever and felt tired. Blood poisoning, or whatever flesh infection, was not something I was looking to have. It was late in the evening. I promised myself to call the doctor in the morning for antibiotics.

I started thinking. What could I do that evening to maybe stop the infection from spreading during the night?

I remembered my father. When we were kids, we were never sick. Until he died, he had us start every day with a spoonful of Nature’s Gift to Mankind. He was swearing by it. Who needs doctors when one has “It” in the pantry?

The pus was already there. I did not have much to lose trying. I covered my burn and pus with It, dressed with gauze, and went to bed.

The next morning, the fever was gone. As well as the pus. I kept the burn covered with Nature’s Gift for an extra week for good measure.

Today, I do not remember which arm was burned. There is no scar left.

This past Tuesday, my chef knife fell from the countertop straight to my foot. I saw the incident happening in slow motion. I barely had the time to nudge the knife with my knee in such a way that the knife, instead of falling edge down, fell at an angle.

What could have been a very severe cut from a big heavy knife that I like to keep razor sharp ended a clean superficial shave of a 2-millimeter deep and 3 centimeters, or a little over an inch long piece of skin.

Very unlike the third-degree burn, that cut hurt like hell!

With tears streaming down my eyes, I cleaned it, and pressed down on it with wet clean paper towels until the bleeding somewhat stopped.

Without delay, I applied Nature’s Gift to the cut, a square of gauze, bandaged the whole thing tightly enough, finished my evening limping and went to bed.

The next morning, no bleeding, and no infection.

I covered the still fresh cut with more of “It” without bothering with gauze or band aids.

I kept at it for a couple more days.

It took four days for the cut to heal nicely. No crusty bits, only a smooth dark purple edge to it. By day 3, the cut was not hurting in any way.

When my son was growing up and complaining of a sore throat, I used to make him concoctions of Nature’s Gift and lemon. It always worked. Sore throat gone by the next morning. The same brew was keeping any cough to a minimum.

He is now a grown man, soon married. He is making himself his potions at first signs of infections. He swears by them.

Enough now, I guess. I made you read enough. Did you guess yet at what Nature’s Gift to Mankind is?

Simple, really.

It is an antibiotic. It is anti-viral. It is moisturizing. When applied to wounds, it forms a seal keeping the bad out while healing, quickly, the damaged skin and flesh.

I like mine to be raw organic. I see it as a little guarantee that It is truly what it is supposed to be. Please read this article before buying any of It.

All my thanks are due to the truly magnificent workers that are producing, every year, Raw Organic Honey, nature’s gift to mankind!

Katrin L.


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