Why Buy the Cow when the Milk is Free?

Both my grandmothers used to swear by this phrase. They explained that it had to do with relationships between men and women. In their time, it was all about marriage. The saying basically meant “why would you marry a girl if you slept/live/play house with her already?”

It is now another era. But the saying still holds true.

I see young women in relationships. They would like to be married by now. They would like to feel secure in their relationship. They would like a commitment. Meanwhile…

  • They swear to each other fidelity.
  • They live together and share the rent.
  • They both work and have a joint bank account.
  • She cooks and cleans way more than he does, if he bothers at all.
  • She lends him money and it rarely gets repaid.
  • She may help him pay for an advanced degree. Or a technical one. Or a commercial driver’s license. Or she downright supports the couple while he finishes school. All for, she hopes, a better financial future together.
  • They already live as a married couple…

But at any given moment, if he feels like it, he can walk away. No strings attached.

Why would he have bought the cow? He had all the milk for free, plus some when he left!

Katrin L.







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