The Grass Is Always Greener…

The courtship phase is so nice!

Both make themselves look their best. Clean, made up, real nice fitting clothes, high heels on for her, best footwear for him. Hair perfect for both. And they listen to each other so well. They are all smiles. Polite and respectful. If something wrong is said, it is being brushed off. He takes her out to dinner, to the movies, to dance, to romantic weekends. They have the best times!

He looks at her and loves what he sees. She is perfect. That is what he always wanted. He really likes how she listens to him, how she smiles, how she laughs at his jokes. She makes him feel good, valued, respected. She is so pretty, so well put together. She has such a nice body! They cannot get enough of each other… She is the one.

She looks at him and likes what she sees. She is all smiles, laughs at his jokes, compliments him. His stories are so interesting. She pays a great deal of attention to her clothes, her hair, her makeup. She wants him to like her… a lot. She can already see a future with him. He is the one. She is sure of it!

Fast forward some months or years. They are together now.

He does not think they should spend so much money going out. Now he can relax. He does not have to work that hard to get the girl. He got her already. Besides, he does not feel like he should. She changed. She put on a few pounds and her figure is not so hot anymore. She still dresses up when she goes to work but does not for him. He sees her rolling her eyes at his jokes. Rude! She used to make him feel so good about himself, but now he hears more criticisms than compliments.

He looks at her and wanders. Where did the beautiful, charming, sweet woman he was dating back then go?

Lately, he is better off spending his time on Facebook when she goes to bed. She is always tired, or has a headache, or bellyache, or whatever else. And Facebook is the greatest. There, he reconnected with a girl he was dating in high school. Her pictures show that she did not change much. She’s still hot! And very sweet. Always ready to comment on how great he is. It feels good.

She is so tired of it all. And bored to no end. They barely do anything together anymore. It is work all week and clean the place up, shop for groceries and wash clothes on weekends. He does not help much with any of it. She used to love it when they were going out dancing or to fancy restaurants. She could get herself all dolled up then. Now, what is the point? He used to talk to her about everything but lately, he spends all his time either on his phone or his laptop. She wonders who he talks to, if not with her?

What happened to that funny and cute guy from months or years ago? Did she make a mistake? Should she call it quits? She will go to the bedroom early tonight and will ask Bill what he thinks about it. They reconnected on Facebook some weeks ago. They used to date for a short time in college. He has problems of his own in his relationship too. It is so good to have a real friend to talk to!

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