Not Tonight Honey, I have a Migraine…

My husband would love more exercise in the bedroom.

I am not in the mood.

He says I changed. He says that I used to be way more loving.

Well… I would love to feel that way again… but…

I do not feel loving after:

Cleaning the toilet bowl.

Doing his laundry.

Picking up the clothes, shoes, and wet towels he leaves on the floor.

Taking out the trash and recycling.

Preparing all evening meals for weeks, spending hours dicing, chopping, seasoning, and cooking, and his idea of a compliment is “if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t eat it.”

Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, the floors, and the pets’ accidents while he is playing video games or watching cats on YouTube.

When a date night is so far in the past, I do not even remember if we ever had them.

When he initiates fights on Friday nights that will get him off the hook and free to do as he pleases during “his” weekends.

When he says he does not care if the house is a mess only to avoid helping to clean it.

My husband would love more loving.

I am tired, no loving feelings here, lazy behinds are not that alluring!

My husband would like more cuddling.

What about he shows me his mastery of the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and washer and dryer?

Who knows, him turning on these machines may turn on something else?

Katrin L.







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